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Product: SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack.  

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Size of Container: 19″                


Exterior Dimensions -18.5 X 9 Inches.

Laptop Compartment Dimensions-17X12.5 X 2.5 inches.

Color: Black

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack Product Review


I use my backpack daily to lug around y laptop, tablet, cell phone, writing instruments, books, binders, gym clothes, lunch pack and other items. Therefore, a sturdy, versatile and comfortable backpack is of paramount importance to me. Let’s take a look at this awesome backpack  and why I chose to give it a 9.5 ratings.

1. Large Capacity  For Storage.

Regardless whether you’re a student, recreational hiker , frequent traveler or just an office person who needs to carry his work laptop , you’ll need a comfortable backpack. As a student I carry my backpack wherever I go and my favorite backpack is SwissGear 1900 Travel Backpack.

The bag has an exterior dimension of 18.5 X 9 inches and the interior is 17X12.5X2.5 inches that gives a lot of storage for a lot of stuff like books, folders, pencils, sharpeners, phone, tablet, laptop, camera, keys, chargers, clothing, shoes, make-up, two water bottles, snacks, etc. There are so many pockets and zippers.

I was surprised by how much stuff this backpack can pack! could fit more than what a normal backpack could, it is just like a small suitcase.  It fits my 17 inch laptop, it could easily fit extra 1 or 2 laptops,  2 iPad’s, 1 phone, 2-3 books and other personal items and  my shoulders or back don’t feel sore at all after carrying it all day long.

I love the fact that I could have my phone inside ( called phone pocket ), connect my earphones to my phone, take out my earphones through a little hole and listen to music on my phone while carrying in the backpack. I was surprised by how much stuff this backpack can pack! It could fit more than what a normal backpack could, it is just like a small suitcase.

2. Compartmentalize For Better Organization.

The backpack interior has three spacious main multi compartments with many hidden pockets to accommodate   lots of stuffs. This is a very useful feature. This multi compartments enable us to organize our stuff by groups, such as clothes, electronics, personal hygienic items, laptop/notebook, travel accessories and more. This definitely saves a lot of time when we need to locate the item we needed.

What I like even more is the fact that the main compartment zips down to 3/4 of the backpack. This comes in handy if someone is going through the airport and needs to show the TSA all the electronics through a metal detector or something.

This backpack comes with zippered pocket on both sides that extends till the end of the bag followed by a bottle holder with a strap lock. I normally have two standard size bottle water with me and the pocket comes in handy.

3. Design & Durability.

The design is perfect for both college , work and international travel. The laptop compartment is padded/cushioned at the bottom to protect laptop. The whole bag is made up of Polyester material which is water resistant ( well I am not sure if you immerse your backpack in a tub or swimming pool it will provide much protection to your laptop. But then why would you be swimming or showering with  your backpack on anyway ?).

The whole backpack is a mix of fabric and polyester with thick foam padding. This bag is literally the epitome of perfection. I load my backpack with, not just my 17 inch laptop, but my books, my lunch, gym clothes, 4 binders, and other items. My old backpack was reduced to trash due to this. However, this backpack treats that challenge like it’s nothing for it has more than enough space. It’s good for all conditions of weather, rain, snow, etc. it’s extremely durable . This is an important feature to protect all my electronic gadgets. 

4. Comfort & Convenience. 

The Swissgear 900 backpack is very, very comfortable for prolonged usages with heavy weight inside. There is one more layer of padding on the back and straps are soft and comfortable as well. There’s also a stretchable specs holder on one of the strap. It’s very sturdy, with great back padding and a deep air flow channel, along with mesh backed straps to allow for air flow around your shoulders.

The straps are comfortable when even while dashing  from one lecture hall to another, and the seams are flexible and don’t cut into my arms. The coolest thing about this backpack is they put a little spot on one of the shoulder straps for my sunglasses. I could easily insert my shade when I am indoor and easily take it out when I need it.

5. Well Worth The Price.

There are few people who complained that it should come with a user guide. It is a backpack, why they need a user guide is beyond me. I am extremely satisfied with this backpack and at this ridiculously low price I would buy from Swissgear again if I need extra or a replacement.

Thank you for reading and if you are thinking of getting a new backpack I recommend this Swissgear Laptop Backpack. Amazon.com offers the price right now.

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to leave them below.

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  1. You sure do carry a lot of stuff! I can see why you need a backpack that is practical and comfortable.

    I’ve never really given much thought into what I need in a backpack until I got an inadequate one. It’s a terrible feeling when you buy something, and then it just isn’t useful; so it gets tossed and never used.

    This particular backpack seems like it would be great for just about anything from everyday use to backpacking the globe!

    Thanks for taking the time to review and share about this pack, it’s been very helpful.

    • Hi Jerimy
      Yes it’s suitable for glob-trotters since the backpack filled with a week’s personal items can be stuffed under the airplane seat . This is the only backpack I used to take all my items whenever I flew back home on weekend to see my parents.

      Thank you

  2. Sounds like a very good backpack for a student or business traveler. I like the different compartments and the fact that it could carry two bottles of water.
    This looks like a good choice for a blogger to take to the coffee shop to work with others.
    How adjustable are the straps, I am a tall wide person at the shoulders and have some trouble getting comfortable in some backpacks.

    • Hi John
      I have been using this backpack for about 6 months now. I often hang out at the local Starbucks on weekend to study ( a break from the library/dorm’s monotony ) or do my blogging from there.
      The straps are adjustable . I am myself a 6 feet,2 inches tall but I am not a large person so I really never have to adjust the straps. The backpack fits snuggly on my back. There are rooms for straps adjustment to accommodate a person’s size.

      Thank you

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