Headphones Hiearcool L2 Review – Reducing The Noise Level Around You.

Product: Hierarcool L2 Headphones

Cheapest Price To Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: Two year warranty.

My Rating: 9.5

The Headphones Hiearcool L2 Review.  Hiearcool L2

Do you love listening to music ? Are you one of those who enjoy music and love vibing to music wherever you are without creating problem to others. Then headphones are the treasure. I too love hearing music when studying in a library and while in a gym.

A good pair of headphones is the one that lets you have the privilege to escape from the noise of the world and listen to sounds that you only want to hear. Headphones have really made the audio portable and travel with you without having to carry an extra weight of speakers.

Headphones have become an essential accessory to carry wherever you go. If you are listening to songs on your portable media player or watching videos on your smartphone in outdoor areas, you need a noise canceling headphones.

If you are often planning about which Headphones to get your hands on and worried of being scammed with a street quality headphone, you are at the correct place. Today we are about to introduce you to a headphone that you will be delighted for owning one. 

The one that many have received a sterling review is the active noise canceling Hiearcool L2 Bluetooth headphones. Hiearcool2 is a significant upgrade of its previous predecessor Hiearcool L1 which was a par excellence headphone in its own class. The upgraded Hiearcool L2 is equipped with the advanced active noise (ANC) canceling technology. This particular feature is the one that makes this pair of headphones able to reduce most of the noise in the background, regardless of where you are. It lets you enjoy your music simply through tuning on the ANC button.

These are the standard features and excellent benefits you’ll get with these awesome Hiearcool2 headphones.

Noise Reduction.

1. Comfortable Over Ear Headphones. This headphone has the large 40mm speaker unit drivers with neodymium magnets to provide the ultimate stereo output. The memory-protein ear-cups of this headphone are skin-friendly, comfortable and offer noise isolation. Its adjustable and stretchable headband provides a comfortable and accurate grip around the ears.

2. Par Excellent Quality Headphones. The noise reduction technology eliminates distracting noises giving you a calming listening experience. Its world-class sound makes bass richer and full and the mid to high ranges are also clear and balanced giving a luxurious sound experience. The noise canceling headphone also provides a minimum distortion in the highest volume level.

3. Technology Leading Active Noise Canceling Headphones (ANC). This ANC technology removes distracting surrounding noises for a calming, private listening experience, turning down the world of loud talkers, screaming children, noisy traffic and construction. They are ideal for playing your favorite music and tunes while keeping the outside world at bay with a flip of a switch.

WiFi Connection.

4. Duality of the ANC. The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode whatever your preference is. Additionally, the reliable Bluetooth connects quickly to any Bluetooth enabled device within 33 feet effective range, very useful if you can’t be close the Bluetooth enabled device.

Added Gadgets.

5. What You Get. The headphones kit includes an airplane adapter ( very suitable on long flight when you just want to turn down the noise of an airplane and snooze your flight to your destination ) and an auxiliary cable, making it a must-have for travel and a great gift idea for any age. Its foldable and space-saving design makes it portable. It also comes with a carrying case for easy storage. The purchase comes with a 30-day money back & 24-month warranty.


I have been using this headphone for sometimes now ( previously Hiearcool L1 ) and it gave me most satisfying sound experience, glitch free. If you have been looking for a very reliable quality headphones without breaking the bank, I highly recommend that you pick up your own Hiearcool L2.

Where To Get Them.

If you are a big online shopper like myself, Amazon.com has the best deals. It offers a free shipping if all orders of $25 or more of eligible items across any product category qualify for FREE Shipping. ( Check this Free shipping details online).

I hope you find this review helpful and that I have answered some of your questions and if you have any further questions about the Hiearcool L2 or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

Thank you.






  1. Thanks for the info about the Hiearcool L2 Headphones. I am always purchasing new ones because I just can’t seem to find any that can take the lifestyle that I have. For example, my cat loves to chew on them….haha. So, I normally purchase rather cheap ones. I do notice that the cheap models don’t provide a great sound quality though.
    I appreciate the information you provided here and will keep these headphones in mind the next time I have to buy new ones.
    Thanks and have a good day!

    • Thank You Angela

      That headphone Hiearcool L2 is definitely a class of its own. I had its older version L1 which was awesome but I decided to upgrade to L2 and this one really gives me so much better listening pleasure ( and to block noises around me when I am studying )

  2. This is an excellent review of headphones. Sounds like these are the best it their class and at a reasonable price. There are some “junk” headphones on the market and I want to shop around. Nice to know that you have used these.

    • Thanks Suzanne.
      Yes there are many headphones out there we can purchase. If we use them a lot, our ears can get sensitive over time , hence we need a good quality headphones to take car of our ears. It pays off in the long even though you pay a little bit more than those ‘ junk’ headphones.

  3. Thank you for an honest review. I am very careless with my headphones and constantly leave them behind. Knowing that there is a pair out there that are of quality and at an affordable price is very comforting.

  4. Thank you for an honest review. I am very careless with my headphones and constantly leave them behind. Knowing that there is a pair out there that are of quality and at an affordable price is very comforting.

  5. Considering that I’m a work at home dad with a few kids turning the house upside down over, I do indeed need a better headphone. Right now, I’m plugging on my favorite song with my headphone but the occasional yells from the children still bothered me. This headphone seems promising. Definitely will check it out.

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